Sunday, May 17, 2009


Alivia wanted to hold Tyce as soon as she saw him. Then she started kissing him on her own! It was fun seeing the two of them together for the first time.

Daddy was able to give Tyce his first bath!

Tyce was born a little later than expected! We are so glad that he is here. He has been so much fun to hold and play with. I forgot how little babies come and how Alivia really isnt a baby anymore. He weighs 9 pounds but you would never know it because he seems so small. Alivia has adjusted pretty well considering us bringing home a new baby. The hardest thing is that she feels like she is the mommy and wants to be a part of everything no matter what that means. I walked into her trying to change the babies messy diaper all by herself. That was fun! It is great that she enjoys being a part of him and that we are all adapting to the new schedule at home.

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Hogans Hotties said...

Congratulations Guys! He is such a cutie and Alivia is getting so darn big, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Take care and have fun with them, it's so cute to see older siblings with the little ones, it just comes natural for them to love them! (well most of the time)It would be fun to get together soon with you guys!